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Official office time and date : 25/06/2019 8:44

The date and time are synchronised with the ROA [Spanish Navy Observatory]


What is the Pasaia Port Authority virtual office for?

This office enables you to access the electronic services that the Pasaia Port Authority makes available and you can carry out any procedures required with the aforementioned body at any time of the day, all year round.

*Note: with the exceptions provided by law.

What can I do through the virtual office?

In the "Catalogue of electronic services" section you will find the services that are currently available through this virtual office.

How can I be sure that the virtual office really belongs to the Pasaia Port Authority?

Article 3.2 of the [Spanish] Royal Decree 1671/2009 of 6 November, through which Law 11/2007 of 22 June on citizens' electronic access to public services is partially covered, provides that the virtual office must identify the owner and the body or bodies in charge of all management, procedures and services offered through said office. You can click on the "Verification of the office certificate" button, on the lower right of this page, to verify the identity of the virtual office and the corresponding body.

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