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Official office time and date : 25/06/2019 8:43

The date and time are synchronised with the ROA [Spanish Navy Observatory]

Catalogue of electronic services

Services to the Port Community

Port of Call Integrated Procedure
If you form part of the port community and participate in the ePuertoPasaia platform, you can complete the port of call integrated procedure online.
If you form part of the port community and you wish to participate in the ePuertoPasaia platform to manage your administrative procedures online, please register in the "Access to e-PuertoPasaia" section on the main page of this virtual office.

Services to the public

Electronic register
Submit any application, request or general communication, as well as forms to start a range of procedures.
Online payment
Settle any outstanding payments with the Port Authority online, through the Red.es payment gateway.

Services to companies

Contracting party profile
Access the Port Authority's public tenders through the State Contract Platform.

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